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Dream It! Believe It! Achieve it! Equine Whole Body Balancing, and Training

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Whole Body Balancing



Horses are masters in compensation. Masking a problem is easy for them. Whole Body Balancing is a non - invasive hands-on therapy using modalities such as acupressure, massage, Craniosacral, Photonic Light Therapy, Connected Groundwork, TTEAM, facilitated stretching, essential oils, and muscle balancing. Many of the modalities date back to ancient times. Annette will work from the nose to the tip of your horse’s tail using her hands to perform multiple techniques on muscles, muscle fascia, tendons, and ligaments to achieve relief.


Reviewing the whole horse and rider combination in the Whole Body Balancing evaluation and session. She will be looking for any unbalances in horse or rider and then addressing the issue with the best of horse and rider in mind. Frequently the source of behavior and training problem are pain or health issues that require treatment implementing appropriate vet care, dentistry, chiropractic, balancing, and nutrition and hoof management. Annette will review all aspects with you.


Horses learn about Whole Body Balancing and enjoy it. They become helpful during their sessions to make sure that they get the full benefits of the WBB. Horses that have no experience with WBB may show signs of the wiggles. By the end of the session they are relaxes and enjoy every minute of their session.


Give the horse in your life the benefits of Equine Whole Body Balancing. According to traditional Chinese medicine health depends on a balanced Chi system. WBB unlocks and balances your equines energy (Chi), to co-create a healthier happier horse.



Whole Body Balancing is for athlete's to improve on their performance and also as a preventative health program.


Benefits of Whole Body Balancing:*Relieves Tension    *Increases Flexibility    *Improves Circulation    *Relax Muscle Spasms    *Lengthens Connective Tissue   

*Reduces the Danger of Fibrosis    *Increases Syonavol Fluid    *Stimulates Circulation    *Hastens the Elimination of Waste/Toxins    *Improves Disposition    *Enhance Muscle Tone    *Increase Range of Motion/Performance    *Prevent Some Injuries    *Improve Stamina    *Reduce Tactile Defense    *Reduces Inflammation


Common Problems That Can Have Relief from Whole Body Balancing:


*Shortened Stride    *Girthing Problems    * Improper Tracking   * Hind Leg Scuffing 

* Sore Back   *Refusing or Resisting Leads   *Head and Neck Discomfort   * Hip and Shoulder Lameness     *Loss of Performing Ability    *Head Bobbing    * Shoulder Dropping    *Rearing    *Bucking


Pre - Ride Massage/Stretching can benefit you and your horse by assisting in flexibility, mentally and physically release and relaxation


Post -Ride Massage/Stretching can benefit you and your horse by eliminating sore muscles and helping prevent colic and founder.


***As an owner, you have the greatest impact on your horse's health and performance. The intent of Whole Body Balancing is to improve the performance and comfort of your equine team. This Body Balancing is not intended to diagnose treatment or cure equine illness, injury, or disease. If for any reason you feel that the horse's condition is not normal, call your veterinarian immediately.


*** It is always advised to have a vet check prior to a WBB session. Any injury, lameness, health, or anything you doubt about your horses health should be addressed by a vet.