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Equine Affection

Dream It! Believe It! Achieve it! Equine Whole Body Balancing, and Training

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Educate, Evaluate, and Engage

Professional education for all levels of horse and rider team. Ethical safe practices that are fun for all. Building a formula for success in the arena or on the trail.


Whole Body Balancing

Building a centered and balanced horse and rider combination to assist in comfort, communication, control and confidence. The use of multiple modalities will assist your horse in a balanced body and mind.


Equine Affection

Annette is a respected Equine Specialist in and out of the arena. With over twenty years of experience in riding, training, conditioning, competing, breeding, and educating the horse and rider. She has the gift of recognizing problems and finding the best positive solution for the horse and rider. Annette is able to listen to the horse/rider to anticipate their next move to keep the education at the level of the horse/rider. Deeply thinking and considering all aspects of the body and mind to improve the relationship between horse and rider. She has a strong desire to share her education and always reaching for a higher level of education. Mastering the techniques that she feels are essential elements of horsemanship she has had large success in and out of the arena. Annette feels that the most essential element with horsemanship is communication from rider to horse and horse to rider. Voice, body, and mind must be mastered aids.


Annette introduces the significance of establishing a DREAM that is BELIVABLE, and ACHIEVABLE with positive choices. With the ability and willingness to help others find success, her goal is to inspire the best of horse and rider.  Believing that the laying of a correct strong foundation thru training and conditioning requires precise physical and psychological skills for both horse and rider. This is her “Whole Horse Philosophy”. Most horse problems are rider or pain related. Resolving the problem requires working with the rider first and listening to the horse. A horse’s natural instinct governs their responses to their rider and environment. Annette understands their natural instincts and uses them to establish a mutual respect. Consistency and intelligent training, handling, and conditioning remain to be the key to successful communication.



Equine Affection

Centered and Balanced Whole Horse and Rider


Annette (Juge) Kuhlmann

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